Electrohamonix 300B

Platinum Matched, selected tubes - Beställningsvara

  • Artnr: EH300B
  • Enhet: st

Beskrivning av artikel

Ultra-long life, top-quality construction, and superior sonics make it the finest 300B available today. Like the original Western Electric 300B, it has the 8 course directly heated filament, 40 watt plate dissipation, classic large shoulder tube glass, and are available singly or in precision matched pairs. The 300B EH's plate curves and static DC characteristics (plate resistance, transconductance, mu) also exactly match the originals so you can drop them into any vintage or modern 300B amp and realize the finest performance of any 300B made today.
Improving upon standard 300B grids, which are typically made of pure nickel, the gold plating reduces grid current and adds effective improvements to the overall grid function. Given that all triode power amps draw some amount of grid current whether they're playing softly or at full blast, this stabilizing effect will offer enhanced sound and durability.