Tung-Sol KT120

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  • Artnr: TS-KT120
  • Enhet: st

Beskrivning av artikel

In September of 1950 Tung-Sol introduced  the 5881, an uprated and industrial version of the 6L6GA with a 23.5  watt plate dissipation, opening the doors to the hi-fi movement of the  1950s. This rugged tube also found a home in the '59 Fender Bassman and  servo amplifiers used in B-52 bombers. In 1955 Tung-Sol raised the bar  of high fidelity with the introduction of the 35 watt 6550, which could  deliver 100 watts with a pair in push-pull configuration. This tube was  used in the Dynaco Mark III and Sunn amplifers.

New Sensor now  announces the Tung-Sol KT120, which has a plate dissipation of 60 watts,  making it the most powerful tube in the 6550/KT88/KT90 family. A pair  of these tubes in push-pull configuration can deliver power levels of  150 or more watts. When used at the parameters found in existing  6550/KT88/KT90 circuits, the Tung-Sol KT120 is impervious to overload,  delivering peak power with extreme reliability and long tube life.  However, taking advantage of the higher current handling capacity of  these tubes, a very unique and super powerful and stable amp can be  designed using the Tung-Sol KT-120