• Weber Ceramic Signature
Ceramic Signature 8

For all Champs with 8" speaker and to replace Chicago Jensen C8R, Oxfords, and other 8" speakers.

Warm, crunchy, early breakup, aggressive. Will fit in tweed and early BF Champs. (this refers to champs with 8" speakers) 

Ceramic Signature 8-S  

For all Champs with 8" speakers and to replace Oxford and Chicago Jensen 8" speakers. 8", 10oz ceramic magnet, 15 watt, 1" voice coil, ribbed cone.

Brighter, later breakup, smooth but aggressive. Will fit in all Champs. (this refers to champs with 8" speakers) 


  • Size:8 inch
  • Power:15 Watts
  • straight cone 
  • 7oz Ceramic magnet
  • depth: 7,30cm
  • 1 inch voice coil 
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    Weber Ceramic Signature

    • Tillverkare: Weber
    • Artikelnummer: Weber Ceramic Signature
    • Tillgänglighet: BESTÄLLNINGSVARA
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